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Leadership & Neuroscience

Leadership & Neuroscience is key to commercial success. Customers, Employees, Peers and Stakeholders all align towards achieving outstanding results when treated fair in a leadership developing or motivating way.


ABC utilises certified coaching methods (ACC, ICF), Emotional Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence  together with performance and consultative selling tools and models:


  • GROW - Goal Reality Opportunities Will

  • FAB - Features Advantages Benefits

  • CIQ - Conversational Intelligence

  • EQ - Emotional Intelligence

  • Exercises - Precipitating the key learnings 

Achieving outstanding performance in business comes from a well executed plan and the right people.


The ABC planning model is called AIM and comprises the following 3 steps:

  • Accountability seen as a given “pitch”

  • Indicator seen as measurable steps in a plan

  • Measurement seen as concrete measurable Goals/Objectives

ABC works with novel methods, proven models and best practice sharing.


PROMT-E is the advanced go to market model used for bringing the relevant elements together, in an overview that can easily be executed upon. 

ABC facilitates any part or the full Go-To-Market analysis. 



Products are often described in too technical terms, ABC will facilitate in finding value propositions and core benefits of your offering.

Resources are relevant and dedicated budgets. We will analyze, recommend and check the availability of an overview to control costs. 

Organization is key to performing the plan: a well planned organisation oftentimes performs better when specific roles and responsibilities are clear (RIO). 

Market is key: ABC analyses the market, the relevant segments, key opinion leaders and other key success factors relevant to be competitive. 


Technology is approached in two ways: The technology that differentiates the product or solution from competition and the marketing technology to be used to generate leads and awareness. 

Execution including the key elements of the five (5) steps is where the planning becomes real. Performance is executing a pragmatic and effective plan that has been well communicated and can serve as a management tool.